ALKOH 10;quot; Double Filtration System
ALKOH 10;quot; Double Filtration System  双重过滤器 饮水系统   Supply, Suppliers, Supplies | Alkoh Marketing Sdn Bhd
Product Information

This stylish, easy to install model consists of Two Stages Filtration.

  • The First Stage is 5 Micron OBE-M ceramic  Filter that eliminates all particles greater than 5 micron in size including suspended solids.
  • The Second Stage is carbon block filter for the removal of chlorine, taste, odor and other chemicals contaminants.
  • The system comes with a clear filter housing on its first stage, adding a unique style to the system design. You will also get an installation kit that includes a white wrench for easy housing removal, 4 feet of white tubing 1/4" in diameter and a brass diverter valve and external adapter for threadless faucet..

Filter Service Life: Sediment: 3-6 Month
Carbon Block: 3,000 Gallon

Product Code: HS-DF,ALKOH  Ex-Stock


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